List of PayPal Errors & Issues
Date/time: 2015-06-05 01:52:33

This thread will compile all different varieties of potential PayPal errors/issues that Track-A-Bill users have run into. The purpose is to also share a solution or at least next steps for troubleshooting.

By: Shawn Murphy Email:

Date/time: 2015-06-05 01:54:49

Error: Invalid request: {0}

This means there was likely an invalid character in the memo of your payment (like an & or < or > or @ etc.). If you retry submitting the payment and remove any special characters from the memo (or just leave it blank) it should resolve the issue.

Please report this to Track-A-Bill Support by opening a ticket, posting in this forum, or sending a note via the Contact form.


By: Shawn Murphy

Date/time: 2015-06-05 08:11:32

Error: Account is restricted

If you get this error when trying to send a PayPal payment to a friend, it is because their account has been locked out by PayPal for some reason. They just simply need to call in and have PayPal support verify a few details and unlock it. It could be due to an issue with their bank account, an expired password, or a number of other things, but it is something only PayPal support can resolve.

By: Shawn Murphy